Dear Friends,


It was another banner year for our family so brace yourselves for a solid round of good news.


Note that this letter pairs well with dark chocolate, Syrah or a red blend, and A Charlie Brown Christmas music by Vince Guaraldi. We are first and foremost thankful for our decent (but not always perfect) health and do not take it for granted. 


There was just a bit of travel this year, most of which was Seth! and Erin going here and there for work. Laurel and Josh went to Hawaii, a belated somewhat honeymoon. Adrian chaperoned his parents on a trip to NYC for spring break. It was a great experience. Seth! and Erin had been there previously but we saw a lot of things that were new. We had never seen a toupee fly off the observation deck of the Empire State Building until this trip, for example. Adrian did his best to blend in with the locals but Seth! was (apparently) a bit too Mary Richards Midwesterner.


You may not have known that Erin came out of the closet as a writer a couple of years ago. She has several stories in the works at any given moment. Erin also reads manuscripts for a literary agency. These creative activities add a lot of fulfillment to her days that are otherwise occupied with pets and work. Her employment at the major corporation is entering its 13th year; retirement is looking good.


Not only was this year the 50th anniversary of A Charlie Brown Christmas but Seth! also hit that milestone in August. True to form, he created a retrospective exhibit birthday party and video. Fifty Years of Seth! was a rousing success. And there’s more! For the first time in more than a decade, he took on a new full-time job. He’s now Education Director at Kirkland Arts Center. It’s a fabulous place with a wonderful staff. His exhibit company (NRG! Exhibits) continues to hum along in the background. No rest for the Leary.


Trey is still in Finland and is putting down roots. He proposed to Pernilla this spring. They will be getting married next summer in their town way, way up north. Trey has been doing a lot of woodworking in addition to his outdoor guiding business. Pernilla is teaching and doing translating with Trey. We get to see pictures of ski trips and other, more domestic activities. They have a wide circle of friends and family in the area and two loving cats right at home.


Laurel and Josh are staying very busy. Laurel has joined Josh at the mortgage brokerage firm where he started working just over a year ago. The house they bought last year is working out well. A variety of small improvements have made it fine home. Their next door neighbors (Seth! and Erin) come over only when invited. They work long hours but life is good.


Adrian has had a full twelve months. This was his final year in high school. He earned an AICE diploma from Cambridge as well as his regular HS diploma. He learned in February that he was accepted into Reed College. It was his top choice and rightly so. It’s an exceptional school, located in Portland, Oregon. He graduated in June and started college in August. His first semester at Reed just ended and he loves it. We’re very excited for him.


Adrian’s move to college means that Seth! and Erin are adjusting to life as empty nesters, with the exception of the fact that the house is overrun by two cats and a dog. Really, there is no escaping them.


We hope that you and yours are doing well. Here’s to a fantastic 2016.


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